It Was a Good Mail Day

It's no secret that our customers are what drive us around here — both in concept and in passion, really. We find it nearly impossible to create anything in a vacuum, hard as we try, but the human experience would demand that we do anything but work in solitude. We are social creatures, and built for  nothing less. 

We received a lovely message from a repeat customer yesterday thanking us for the work we do, saying we do indeed "impact and bless" lives. It was open, from the heart and totally vulnerable, and such a lift to read and re-read.

We really try to create cards and art that uplift, send a positive message, or hold you in our hearts and help you to hold others in yours. It sounds corny, but it's the truth. We edit and re-edit to be sure that nothing is mean spirited, and that every card we put into the world brings light instead of darkness. It's what drives us, and what keeps us on track more than any other element of our "brand". It's so heartwarming to hear that our message has hit at least one direct mark.

We also received this lovely review on our Bee Mine card from a customer in Massachusetts, and can't help but share as it makes us proud as punch.

LOVE this card! Printed on an antique letterpress on heavy, warm, crisply cut cardstock, so it's beautiful to hold and behold. Top quality design and production and worth every penny. Just noticed the studio donates part of their proceeds to the Pollinator Partnership-- thank you for supporting bees!

Our bee Valentine's card, pictured above and mentioned in the review, benefits the Pollinator Partnership, with a portion of the proceeds of every card heading straight to them. Bees are so very close to our hearts around here, it was another natural leap to do a bee card. 

We always always love hearing from you — don't hesitate to reach out even with basic feedback or needs for a certain niche we aren't hitting. We love it!

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