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Mushrooms for the Future

Mushrooms: Photo by Presetbase Lightroom Presets on Unsplash

Technically old news, but it popped up in my morning feed and I haven't heard much about it since I saw it announced awhile ago. I've long been a fan of Paul Stamets (if you don't know him, go find his tedtalk and prepare to be amazed) and think mushrooms are, simply, mind-bogglingly incredible. We haven't touched the tip of the iceberg with the possibilities.

Ikea to start using mushroom-based packaging instead of styrofoam

Among the benefits (besides the obvious, that styrofoam is SO BAD): 

  • 12% of the energy you'd use in plastic production
  • 90% less carbon emissions during production vs. plastic manufacture
  • Fairly carbon neutral
  • Decomposes in 30–90 days. If something eats it, no harm no foul. Seriously.

I can't wait to see more!!

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