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Packaging evolution: Stepping in the right direction

Photo by Vivianne Lemay on Unsplash

This feels like a net positive gain, with the reduction in transport costs (fuel use) and a potential reduction of food waste. I see a bonus in that the piloting companies can see a direct impact on their bottom line, which would motivate most businesses to make parallel or at least similar choices for innovative packaging. I applaud anyone in the packaging space seeking more sustainable designs that make sense for the bottom line AND the Earth. 

I'm dismayed, however, that these packages are not recyclable. I'd love to see a cost-benefit analysis with regards to planetary impact of these packages vs. glass. There's no arguing that transporting these has less of an impact, based on pure weight alone, than glass. And water savings, be still my heart! 


The race is on to replace heavy, bulky cans and jars with flexible packaging that can be stored flat for shipment before being filled.
That flexible standup pouch requires significantly less water, and produces fewer greenhouse gas emissions and other waste, says Evan Arnold, the director of product development and engineering at flexible packaging firm Glenroy, one of three companies that collaborated on the pouch.


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