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Rain Keeps Falling


We've been buried under a deluge of rain. Rain which leaves me conflicted as a gardener and printer — we started with a wet summer which lulled me into a sense of complacency with regards to watering my plants when things dried out. I keep a busy pace, which is not always conducive to the tender loving care some of my specimens really prefer (sorry ladyplants). a printer, I like it dry dry dry. Paper takes in moisture from the air, which is not ideal for registration among other things. Not to mention that we get a little flooding problem when it downpours — a result of working in a very old studio not originally designed for superdry activities.

As luck would have it, branding and digital projects are dominating the workload this week. We're working on the branding for an SEO & Digital Services company this week (from scratch!). It's meant diving deep into color palettes (and color theory), typographic exploration, and fine tuning the brand personality of the company. Fun stuff!

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