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Storytelling from a Business Perspective

Photo by Terra Evans on Unsplash
We skim a lot of articles around here, running the gamut of subjects, both in an effort to sharpen our productive swords and to garner as much information about any given topic as possible for a general education as related to our clients and life in general.
This one came across our feed this morning, and we thought it relevant, right on the money, and helpful to share. 
Their designer pulled this quote that we would likewise pull: 
“Storytelling is a discipline of capturing the stories, distilling them down to make them good for business, and then producing them at the right moment.”
I can't help but think of everyone's favorite Southern grandfather, aunt, or cousin who is always ready with a story — and not just any story, but a well-paced, often regaled but never tiresome, classic yarn. You know the type. The stories that have you in tears, crossing your legs, finishing some of the sentences because you've heard them before, and continuing to hang on to every word. 
Here's to great storytelling, whatever your punchline may be! 

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