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Tales to Tell


Our collection of denim aprons seems to be steadily (and perhaps stealthily) growing. There's actually one more missing from this picture, though I'm certainly not complaining about the quantity of collection. Denim aprons are sturdy to a fault, perhaps even stylish to some, and invaluable in a letterpress studio. Especially for those of us who like to dive straight into projects upon entry.

The white apron you see pictured on the far left is actually a vestige from my high school years. I either lifted it, or was gifted it, from my mother's kitchen to protect my clothes from various painting projects. I painted a mural on a wall at my school in that apron, as well as many portraits and landscapes that are best forgotten in the dust of time. 

I still wear the white apron from time to time, and will likely always keep it as the symbol of the art and cooking skills my mother passed down to me as heirlooms. The paint smears tell a story, as do the ink and grease smears not quite visible, but most certainly present, all over the denim aprons.

I anticipate many more years of adding to the stain collection. If these aprons could speak, oh the tales they would tell!

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