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Tools of the Trade


Since starting this letterpress adventure, we've spent a considerable amount of time at the hardware store (Ace is the place!) and have consumed our fair share of tea. It makes it so easy to keep going on the pots of tea when your prize at the end of a Harney & Sons tin is another beautiful container in which to store things in the studio. Our favorite Harney flavor is the Paris tea—it's divine! When we're really feeling spoiled and want to splash out we reach for our sacred stash of Mariage Frères tea brought back from Paris. Because Paris is always a good idea. And so is tea, really.

Pictured above, you see ink knives and one of our wrenches in the tea tin, as well as letterpress furniture for locking up plates. Furniture is essentially blocks of wood that come in varying lengths and widths to create a beautifully locked form so that your type or Boxcar base don't go crashing all over the floor. Helpful to say the least. 

Here's to a quiet morning in the studio, and another perfect cuppa! 

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