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Cherry Laurel Studio — Original and Founder

Cherry Laurel Studio is a Southern design and letterpress studio in Decatur, Georgia (just east of Atlanta). Why mention our latitude? Because this place is a part of our heritage, our history and gives us our namesake, our founder's ancestral home (above left) in Laurel, Mississippi. This stately Southern charmer's legacy is at the root of how we approach design, romance message and spin stories. Think hospitality. Think all the details, all taken care of. Think a little southern comfort (the "yes ma’am" kind, and the liqueur) splashed right into the work.

We were founded in 2011 by Elizabeth Kotz, a proud cum laude graduate of NC State University's College of Design. Nearly 20 years later, we still eat, breathe, and dream about design and printing. We've worked on such a wide variety of projects it's sometimes hard to wrap our arms around the breadth and depth of it all. Global brands? Check. Tiny nonprofits? Check. Personal brands? Check. Long-form catalogs, short and sweet invitations, entire brand launches from start to finish? Check, check, check. 

We consider each brand design as though it is its own special language, much as a linguist might speak French, Italian, Russian, and English. You might say we're multi-lingual and well versed in a variety of dialects, and we'd have it no other way. It's still exciting to "speak" in these different languages for our various clients, as well as to invent or evolve new ones for folks who need something shiny and new.

We added letterpress to the lingo around 2004, and while we wouldn't quiiiiite call collecting presses and type an addiction it's certainly starting to look that way. We currently run four printing presses; our 10x15 Chandler & Price ("Venus") does most of the heavy lifting.  

We’re always doing something around here, and sometimes we like to send out updates about goings-on. Want to hear from us? Sign up for email updates (Spam’s just not our thing, don’t worry), follow us on Instagram, drop us an email at inquiry [at] or find us on Facebook. We are proud members of the Ladies of LetterpressAtlanta Printmakers Studio, and AIGA.

Alternately, we adore good old-fashioned snail mail. 

Cherry Laurel Studio LLC
PO Box 85
Decatur, GA 30031
+1.404.667.9570 tel

General + design inquiries: inquiry [at]
Letterpress inquiries: letterpress [at]
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