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We have been designing for 2 decades.

Cherry Laurel Studio is a Southern design studio in Decatur, Georgia (near Atlanta). Why mention our latitude? Because this place is a part of our heritage, our history and gives us our namesake, our founder's ancestral home in Laurel, Mississippi. Our heritage is at the root of how we approach design, romance message and spin stories. Think hospitality. Think all the details, all taken care of. Think a little southern comfort (the "yes ma’am" kind, and the liqueur) splashed right into the work.

Our zip code says Atlanta. Our experience, which spans just about 20 years for each of us, runs from non-profit to b to b to retail, hometown staples to global big shots. Our studio consists of a core team of strategists and designers and calls on a close-knit family of freelancers and consultants whenever an expert is needed. Our clients hail from every market. And our prerogative is practical: feet on the ground, eye on the bottom line. The works you see shared here are but a small fraction of what we have produced over the past several years.

Our specialties: 
+ Packaging design
+ Creative direction and graphic design
+ Branding and marketing strategies
+ Letterpress design and letterpress printing
+ Website design and development, including SEO services

Feel free to browse around this site to see some samples of our work, or reach out for more information. 

Interested in working with us? Drop us a line at: inquiry [at] or give us a call at +1.404.667.9570. We have a standard rate sheet available for logos and branding services, or we can put together a custom quote to suit your needs.

We'd love to work with you.