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You need letterpress printing for your wedding, your company, or your personal project.

We are pleased as punch to offer in-house artisan letterpress design and printing. We offer custom work, such as letterpress business cards and custom letterhead, special announcements, stationery, party and event invitations, and letterpress weddings. Just let us know your heart's desire and we'll work to make it happen. 

Every Cherry Laurel Studio print is pulled by hand in our studio on an antique printing press in Decatur, Georgia using only the finest papers and natural inks, ensuring each piece is a work of art. We like to think of it as Slow Food for Paper. We are currently running three presses: A 100+ year-old Chandler & Price platen press named Venus, a 40+ year old Challenge proof press named Dottie, and an antique tabletop Kelsey we call Ma Petite Amie.

Contact us at inquiry [at] or +1.404.667.9570 to get started with your project (or just ask a question!). If you are interested in custom letterpress wedding invitations, click here.

What is letterpress, you say?

Letterpress printing is a form of relief printing, made most famous by its inventor Johannes Gutenberg in the mid-15th century. Modern letterpress can utilize individual pieces of lead type, such as you see above, or polymer or zinc plates created from digital files. The plate or type is inked by the press or a hand roller, then imprinted into the chosen substrate (often, but not always, paper). In a nutshell, everything that is raised gets inked and everything else skips the ink and thereby does not make an impression in the paper. And what an impression! The impact of the form on the paper can be light, yielding what is known as a "kiss" impression, or it can be deep to produce a very tactile effect for the end recipient.

For every color you see on a letterpressed piece, the plate or locked form of type was put into position, inked, then printed individually. So, if you see multiple colors, you're seeing multiple print runs, with a little extra oomph to align everything correctly. Washup can also take considerable time. It's labor we totally love. In contrast, modern lithographic and digital printers run all of the colors at the same time. 

Cherry Laurel Studio products are printed on tree-free cotton paper or 100% recycled paper using rubber-based inks. 

A few years ago we made a video of the making of one of our cards. We still think it's a pretty neat condensation of the process if you'd like to watch it here:

The Making of Peter Cottontail, the Letterpress Card from Elizabeth Kotz on Vimeo.


What if I want another kind of printing?

In addition to offering artisan letterpress design and printing in house, we offer print management services and print production management. If we can't print it in house, we know someone else who can. We've been working with standard offset, digital, and specialty printers for more than two decades and can help you bring your idea to life.

Think all the details, all taken care of. We can procure estimates and help you find the best pricing and printer for your particular project then manage that relationship until your final work is delivered. Or, we can take your design and make it seaworthy for printing, then take care of the printing and proofing process for you. This leaves you free to design and think up more big ideas while we worry about the nitty gritty details of production.  

Reach out to us at inquiry [at] or +1.404.667.9570 to get started with your project (or just ask a question!).

We could talk about printing all day long.