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You need beautifully designed packaging.

We happen to have a thing for gorgeous packaging. It's like a love affair that just won't cool off, and we've no plans to end it. We have been designing packaging for many years, with our most notable recent work done for Paddywax Candles and their subsidiary company Vineyard Hill Naturals. Just like the flurry-of-butterflies thrill when we see our greeting cards in stores, there's tangible "I have to call my mom and send her a selfie" excitement when we run across packaging we designed out in the wild. Like we needed any more excuses for a Target run...

If you're ready for your own beautiful packaging, drop us a line at inquiry [at] or give us a call at 404.667.9570 and let's get started. 

We've shared a couple of samples of our work here, and can certainly share more on request.

CherryLaurelStudio_PaddywaxWatercolorVineyard Hill for TargetVineyard Hill for TargetVineyard Hill for TargetVineyard Hill for Cost Plus World Market